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An illustrator/fine artist residing in N.Y.C. and available for illustration work for books (covers & spot illustrations), album art, zines, trade publications & more.


Born in 1976 in Queens, New York, Brett Mohr began to show signs of being an artist at a very early age. When he was only three years old, his nursery school teacher could already discern his artistic talent, and she predicted that Brett would be an artist one day. Brett did, in fact, spend much of his childhood and early teens constantly drawing, sketching, and doodling on every available surface: in the margins of his school notes, in his text books, even on his bedroom walls. In awe of all sorts of animals, dinosaurs in particular intrigued him, the focus of his artistic talents.

Although Brett takes interest in several areas, including music, psychology, philosophy, math and science, he inevitably felt compelled to pursue his great love of art. He graduated from Queens College with a B.A. in Studio Art and later attended The School of Visual Arts, where he attained an additional B.F.A. in Illustration. It was here that he became enamored with such artists as Bosch and Escher, drawing inspiration from their dark aesthetics, their enigmatic themes and their intellectual uses of optical illusions.

Brett currently still resides in Queens. He is a fine artist as well as a freelance illustrator. His artwork has been shown in a number of group exhibitions in NYC over the years, and three of his pieces were published in S.V.A's annual portfolio publication in 2001.

Art Statement

by Brett Mohr

I have always been intrigued by aspects of life that are dark and enigmatic mostly because it's innate in people to be scared of the unknown. My interest in music, writing and art have for the most part been ones of a cryptic aesthetic, thus these interests are perceived as esoteric, inasmuch as striking fear in people.

The majority of my work is thought to be done arbitrarily...initially. Even though seemingly rendered in a vacuum, all my work contains profound, unintentional meaning. In other words, drawn subconsciously under the influence of the circumstances at the time; this included isolation that resulted in feelings of anger, depression and alienation that is reflected in my work and is only now apparent. What I find alluring is that I won't comprehend a piece's purpose until months or even years later! When I reminisce the circumstances in my life that coerced me to draw, I realize a piece's deep, innate meaning that weren't even intended during the work's creation. I love that I can stare at a piece of artwork and ponder on what each aspect of it means. This enables art to never become boring…the speculation and life of it is virtually infinite.

Hence, with the use of painstaking optical illusions, creating objects and creatures that don't or can't exist in physics as we know it and even creating new physics is how I attempt to create something 'different'. This is a deifying experience while creating.


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Speculative Art Portfolio

"Speculative Art is a term I have used to describe the majority of my work: I allow the viewers to have their own perception of a piece. I believe that this freedom is the basis of all creativity."

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Fantasy Portfolio

Illustration Portfolio

Pen and Ink Portfolio

Young Brett Doodles ('78-'85) Portfolio

"Amidst helping to clean my parents apartment, I stumbled upon a number of drawings that apparently my grandmother saved and had written the year and/or age of my doodles. I wasn't sure whether to bother to upload them, but due to many inquiries, I have decided to scan & upload them. They are very intriguing to me at a person level and unbeknownst to me, my grandmother apparently had seen talent in my doodles, even at age two. Anything legible was my grandmother's handwriting and anything practically illegible with backwards lettering was obviously mine."

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Exhibitions and Publications

  • Exhibitions


  • CURRENTLY UP!- Red Pipe Cafe, Forest Hills, NY
    Chosen Exhibitionist - October 17th 2016
  • Red Pipe Cafe, Forest Hills, NY
    Chosen Exhibitionist - January 20th 2016
  • CURRENTLY UP!- Genesis Tree of Life Gallery, Forest Hills, NY
    Chosen Exhibitionist - November 29th 2015 to January 1st 2016

    Jade Eatery & Lounge Gallery, Forest Hills, NY
    Solo Exhibitionist - October 17th - November 30th 2015

    the Hollow Creamery, Carle Place, NY
    Chosen Exhibitionist - September 28th 2013

    "Invincible Summer"
    Claret Wine Bar, Sunnyside, NY
    Chosen Exhibitionist - June 11th 2013 - July 9th 2013

    Queen of Angels, Sunnyside, NY
    Fine Art Fair - June 9th 2013

    "NYC Is Art"

    Think Before You Ink Gallery, Long Island City, NY
    Chosen Exhibitionist - March 2013


    "Sunnyside Art Fair V"
    Queen of Angels, Sunnyside, NY
    Fine Art Fair - June 19th 2012


    Boot Sketch
    "Inanimate Pictures"
    Hudson Guild Gallery II, NYC
    Chosen Exhibitionist - Dec 16th 2010 - Feb 3rd 2011


    "Inaugural Exhibit"
    Art Raw Gallery, New York, NY
    Chosen Exhibitionist - Feb 19th - March 21st 2009



    "Queens Treasures"

    Francis Lewis Gallery, Flushing, NY
    Chosen Exhibitionist - September 27th - October 24th 2008


    Dragon  ReEvolution
    Duplicate of "Dragon" and "Escape" pieces
    Munch Cafe, Forest Hills, NY
    Chosen Exhibitionist - 2006 - 2008
    "Intrusion or Intimacy"
    Rockaway Artists Alliance Gallery, Rockaway, NY
    Chosen Exhibitionist - March 2006
    "Crossing Borders"

    In The Fray Magazine Coming Out Party, AIR Gallery, NYC
    Chosen Exhibitionist - July 2004

    Chosen Exhibitionist - December 1999
    The Tribeca Art Club, NYC

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